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Although I haven't looked much into any FreeBSD book, I wouldn't be
surprised at all if FreeBSD's documentation combined with
freebsd-questions would outweigh it.
It's not the raw knowledge that is the power.  It's the presentation.
Newbies cannot digest the FreeBSD docs since the docs assume the
user isn't a newbie.

Right! One can't emphasize this enough.

IMHO, computer books should be time savers, i.e. a guide highlighting
the most important aspects of some topic in a unique way. Authors of
such books shouldn't be afraid to tell readers to go RTFM after
presenting an overview... unless it's a very narrowly focused book.

A good tutorial beats a 350 pages book anytime; and a 350 pages
book with the right mix of selected topics beats an 800+ pages
"reference-style" all-rounder book as well, most of the time.


The book announcement says that the book is completely revised.


I am interested if this book covers mostly FreeBSD 6 or 7. I also would like to see the table of contents online.
Maybe, I will just have to go to Borders or some place like that.

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