Satria Bramana wrote:
Can anyone who had experience running a web-based e-mail give suggestion what 
package to use? I will only use it for study purpose, so I need one that easy 
to configure and help me understand the big picture about mailserver.. Thank 
you very much..

I use postfix and dovecot, and dovecot is in imap4 mode. This makes it possible for me to use seamonkey (or really, any browser that has a mail interface) to pick up my mail from any location. Does good enough filtering, although I am investigating adding some extra filtering via postfix. Setting up dovecot/postfix is easier than most mailers (it's a PITA, but the others are basically worse) and there are a lot of examples on the web for setting the combination of postfix/dovecot up.

For security, I use ssl (openssl) and ssl has a really nice tool, "openssl", that has among its different modes, sclient and sserver, which allow pretty good testing of your ssl setup, and you can find on the web instructions for setting up your keys (lts of examples all over).

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