Gary Kline schrieb:
        Can anybody explain what causes xmms to give me this output::

Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to load module "": Shared object
"" not found, required by "xmms"

        and then to proceed to work very well?  I thought xmms was'
        window-manager agnostic, yet evidently it's looking for
        *something* gnome.....

        Anybody?  (Ideally, I'd like xmms to be able to play ANYTHING from
        realauiodio to windoze to mp4....  But would be happy to just get
        rid of this stderr output.

        tia, gentlemen,


Maybe you want to try rebuilding xmms using 'make rmconfig' and 'make configure' before, in oreder to ensure no gnome integration is build within.
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