>   1. I didn't set NOPORTDOCS in /etc/make.conf, yet there's nothing there
>      besides some html files.
>   2. /usr/ports/devel/boost-python/work/boost_1_34_1/tools/build/v2/tools
>      for example contains plenty of .jam files that are needed by bjam to
>      run. Those are *not* copied over. A few html files are put in doc/,
>      but not the real stuff (which belongs elsewhere, see 3.).

You are right, the bjam scripts are currently not installed. I will
prepare a patch and send it to you for testing.

>   3. Those files are NOT doc files: they are needed by bjam.
>      Their "right" place should be something like, say,
>      /usr/local/lib/boost/tools/...

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