Konstantinos Pachnis wrote:
Zbigniew Komarnicki wrote:

Is there a good programming book for csh as for example for bash (free available) ?

For bash is here:

Is such book for csh on the net (free available) ?

Thank you for any hints.

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O'reilly has a book regarding csh & tcsh named Using csh & tcsh but it's
not covering programming and it is not free either
For shell programming you should consider using an alternative shell
such as bash, zsh and/or ksh, all available on FreeBSD ports collection.

I've seen lots of csh books, now and then, I have several here, but there are certainly more sh books. There are several bash books now, due to all the Linux programmers, but I have to agree that while bash makes a pretty good programming shell, at least IMO, it makes a poor fit as a friendly user shell.

Actually, I like ksh better, if you are really going all out for a programming shell, but if you're really after a scripting language, why restrict yourself to shells? things like Python & Ruby knock hell out of both ksh and bash. That's hardly even arguable. Too bad there isn't a good friendly shell-like mode to Python. Ruby would be out there, you couldn't even think about using a OO based tool for a user shell, those things need to be thought out, and that's the antithesis of being a friendly shell.
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