I recently converted my old HP Pavilion 6330 to FreeBSD 4.5. It has 48 MB RAM, 4GB hard drive, and 300 Mhz AMD K-6 processor.

I also have a small wireless network in my home. An Apple Airport base station w/ iMac and iBook, both running Mac OS 10.2.3 Jaguar.

I'd like to try and get the HP on the network. I got a Linksys PCI card (WMP11) and installed it. I checked the kernel config and it included wi, awi, an, etc. This lead me to believe that wireless networking was configured into the kernel. However, the system doesn't seem to recognize the PCI card. I'm unsure, however, whether the specific PCI card I'm using is supported, or I'm just doing something stupid (which is quite possible). I used ifconfig and sysinstall to attempt to configure the networking card. But like I said, it doesn't show up. If I could get the card to work, my plan would be to use DHCP to join the network.

I'm basically a novice. I've been working my way through _FreeBSD Unleashed_ to try and figure this out, but I seem to be stuck. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. If I could get this thing up on the network it would make my day.


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