Around 23:45,  give or take, I searched google with my fouled up
        output from catenating /dev/sndstat.  Surprise; there were some
        similar complaints.  Plus my own

        I'm portupgrading now after a kernel build and install. I  Did have
        same stuff in /boot/loader.conf as what was in KERNCONF and old
        kernel.   If that breaks stuff, my new kernel may fix.  Else i
        still  need help from the hacker/kernel/driver side.  the output

t /dev/sndstat
FreeBSD Audio Driver (newpcm)
Installed devices:
pcm0: <CS461x PCM Audio> at irq 18  (1p/1r/1v channels duplex default)
        [pcm0:record:0:dsp0.0]: spd 0, fmt 0x00000000/0x00000008, flags
0x00000000, 0x00000000
        interrupts 0, overruns 0, hfree 4096, sfree 0
        {hardware} -> feeder_root(0x00000000) -> {userland}
        [pcm0:play:0:dsp0.1]: spd 48000, fmt 0x10000010, flags 0x00103000,
        interrupts 526, underruns 0, ready 0 [b:4096/2048/2|bs:4096/2048/2]
        {userland} -> feeder_vchan_s16(0x10000010) -> {hardware}
        pcm0:play:0:dsp0.1[pcm0:virtual:0:dsp0.2]: spd 44100/48000, fmt
0x10000010, flags 0x10000000, 0x00000010
        interrupts 0, underruns 0, ready 0 [b:0/2048/0|bs:131072/4096/32]
        {userland} -> feeder_root(0x10000010) -> feeder_rate(44100 ->
48000) -> {hardware}
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