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 > 1)What are the three basic types of handheld devices? 

I give up, what? :)

 > 2)Which device is used in an environment that needs extended coverage
 > but backbone access is not practical or is unavailable? 

Depends on what you mean by 'extended'.

 > 3)What is the recommended maximum distance that can be bridged
 > between a Cisco 350 access point and any wireless client? 

That depends entirely on what sort of antennae are used, at either end,
and what obstructions there are between access point and clients.  With
a pair of high-gain directional antennae pointing at one another with
clear line of sight, some tens of km.  High-gain directional antennae
pointing at a high-gain omnidirectional access point antenna, some km.
Indoors or through stands of vegetation (or people :), not far at all. 

The free online book, 'Wireless Networking in the Developing World', at
http://wndw.net/ should provide practical answers to your questions. 

You may also enjoy http://rip.psg.com/~randy/070228.apricot-dumbo.pdf
which shows use of a mixture of wired, satellite and wireless networks.

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Cheers, Ian

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