Hey all.  I know this has come up recently, and I've looked at the
pages posted recently.  My problem isn't getting it set up in
procmail, it's getting SpamAssassin to execute without errors.

I know, this is just a little OT.  Sorry, but this is usually the best
place to get answers on almost anything that even comes into contact
with FreeBSD.

I'm running Sendmail, procmail, and Cyrus Imap.

This is what I have in procmail:
* WHITE ?? !yes
* FOLDER ?? !trash
| spamassassin -a -P

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
{ FOLDER=spam }

Setting the FOLDER variable tells deliver which imap folder to put the
message in.  deliver gets called later.

Here's what I see in the procmail output:
procmail: Executing "spamassassin,-a,-P"
Can't locate object method "splitpath" via package "File::Spec" at 
/usr/local/bin/spamassassin line 18.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/local/bin/spamassassin line 38.
procmail: Program failure (2) of "spamassassin"
procmail: Rescue of unfiltered data succeeded

I know this is some kind of perl error, but I'm still quite a ways
from guru status where that's concerned.  I've tried a few things, but
I can't get this working.

Here's what I've guessed are the relevant lines:
Line 6:
use File::Spec;

Line 18:
  my @bin = File::Spec->splitpath($0);

I don't know why this doesn't work.  So far as I can tell the call is

I've placed this question on the SpamAssassin users list, but no
responses have come up.  It's a pretty low traffic list, and it seems
to be a bit slow.

Any ideas?

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