I am thinking of doing a quick port of the "zsu" zone file serial number bumper for FreeBSD.

However, I have a couple of questions regarding ports that aren't clear to me, nor do they seem to be in the porter's handbook.

1) What provision is made for when a port's "distsite" is simply "CPAN". Does the ports tree have any kinds of smarts regarding CPAN mirrors, locality, etc?

2) Is freeBSD's bastardization of CPAN files into packages (i.e. the BSDPAN) stuff documented anywhere?

3) Unrelated to my port but I'll ask anyway: I'm vaguely aware that SourceForge has a command-line fetching utility for a while (you could only use it if you were a supporter tho). I'm not sure if this is still the case. At any rate, is there any special provision for local sourceforge mirrors, as above?

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