Why /var partition is so big? How it will be used?

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Alexander Rudyk (Akvelon) wrote:
> Hi all
> I am planning to install FreeBSD 6.2 on my dell laptop with 80Gb HDD and 2GB
> RAM. FreeBSD will be the only OS on the laptop. Laptop will be used to web
> development (RubyOnRails), entertaiment (photo, music, video),
> web browsing and emailing, so no server side task will be handled.
> How you suggest to split 80GB between partitions to solve all laptop tasks.
> Here is partitions:
> /root
> /var
> /usr
> /home
> /swap

oops you miss the / partition !

I suggest

/       2  Gb
/var    10 Gb
/usr    30 Gb
swap    2 Gb
the rest for /root and /home
Frank Bonnet

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