On Dec 22, 2007, at 3:32 AM, Bruce Cran wrote:

AMD64 CPUs are backwards compatible with i386; they boot in 16-bit real mode and only get switched into 64-bit 'long mode' by the kernel later on. Since both i386 and amd64 start booting in the same way, there's no need for separate bootloaders.


I've thought about this too, but do wonder why the boot loader couldn't go into long mode in one of the loader stages. I don't know if there'd be any significant improvements or drawbacks other than duplication of some code(which I imagine isn't changed often).

Somewhat offhand, can the OpenBSD loader chain boot FreeBSD? Due to my dvd drive being sata over atapi, it wasn't recognized by the 6 branch until recently(many thanks to whoever committed the change). But I recall that the boot cd for FreeBSD wouldn't boot, but the boot cd for OpenBSD would. Of course that does primarily relate to cdboot and not boot0.

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