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> Mike Meyer wrote:
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> >>There's probably someone who can explain why non-
> >>printable characters are useful in file names, but
> >>I'd really rather disallow them altogether - if
> >>there's a build option or control flag to set.
> >>Anyone?
> >
> >BSD is character-set neutral. Well, it tries. The only two characters
> >that are magic in file names are 0x2f and 0x00, because they both
> >terminate the file name. Other than that, you are free to use whatever
> >character encoding you want to.
> What about a feature that allows an administrator to list characters
> that are disallowed in filenames and directory names?

Hey, i personally would love it, but that would cause lot of
troubles, for instance, when saving e-mail attachments or file
generation via slrn MIME decode.

in the meantime check this out (a shameless plug)...

  perl program...


  - parv


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