> Hey all.  I know this has come up recently, and I've looked at the
> pages posted recently.  My problem isn't getting it set up in
> procmail, it's getting SpamAssassin to execute without errors.
> I know, this is just a little OT.  Sorry, but this is usually the best
> place to get answers on almost anything that even comes into contact
> with FreeBSD.

The problem is related with the (implicit) dependency on the p5-File-Spec
package.  Unfortunately, the splitpath method appeared in a version of the
module that is newer than the one bundled with base perl(1).  This could be
specified in spamassassin with "use File::Spec 0.8;" (or whatever).

I worked around the problem installing the p5-File-Spec port by hand.  In my
opinion, this should be handled properly by the ports system, but couldn't
figure out how to fix it myself. :-(


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