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If we want people to give FreeBSD a try in good faith, it is both
profoundly  stupid and dishonest on our part to claim, we have a
working USB-system... It  does not matter, how great our buffer-sharing
VM is, if a home user can't  process their photos with a
FreeBSD-powered computer.

To the OP of this thread - generalized statements like this aren't very helpful. I have a USB mouse and a USB keyboard, both of which work fine and always have. I mount USB thumb drives frequently to copy and move files back and forth. I have a USB hard drive that is automounted at boot.

None of these devices has ever given me problems.

I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I suspect it's the "failure" to automount devices without first doing some configuration or to mount devices when you are not logged in as root.

While I have not experienced difficulty with umass, I would have to
comment that as near as I can tell, *nothing* else on USB works.  Not my
scanner, nor my Treo.

Both have worked intermittently in the recent past, so I believe my
configuration is not at issue.

These I can't comment on, because I don't use them, although I note that there is a uscanner driver that *should* work for most scanners. Man (4) uscanner has a lenghty list of supported scanners. You might check to see if yours is on the list.

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