Am completely unable to figure out kernel settings
for modem.  Got US Robotics 56K internal modem, that
is working perfectly on same machine with 4.6-RELEASE.
 I had to put only "device sio at pci?" in my kernel
config file for 4.6 to have modem to answer at cuaa0. 
Now, I have "device sio" in my kernel config file fo
5.0 and have tried number of combinations with
/boot/device.hints settings without any success.  If I
delete all "sio" lines from /boot/device.hints, modem
is reported during boot as sio0, but hangs whole
system when I try to dial out.  If I delete only lines
sio.n (n=0,1,2,3) from /boot/device.hints (e.g.
"sio.0") modem is again reported (and eventually
rellocated) and again hangs whole system.  Any help


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