Brian O'Shea wrote:
Thank you for your reply, Kris.

--- Kris Kennaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Brian O'Shea wrote:
Hello FreeBSD developers,

Building a FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE kernel on an Intel Pentium 4 with the
following config options causes buildkernel to fail with undefined
references to stack_save, stack_zero, and stack_print functions:

makeoptions DEBUG=-g

options     KDB
options     DDB

options     INVARIANTS
options     WITNESS
options     DEBUG_LOCKS
options     DEBUG_VFS_LOCKS
options     DIAGNOSTIC


I think you also need DDB.

I added the KDB and DDB options and now the buildkernel succeeds.  Now
hopefully I can get a crash dump and (try to) start debuging my problem.

This is a minor bug which you could send-pr about if you like.

Would this be a docs bug, or a config bug?

Mostly a docs bug. In 6.x the stack_save foo isn't really useful without DDB.


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