Is there any magic which has to be done to use
gimp-print from gimp apart from installing both?

I have them both installed from ports:

>jura% pkg_info | grep gimp
>gimp-1.2.3_2,1      the GNU Image Manipulation Program
>gimp-print-4.2.4    GIMP Print Printer Driver

I know gimp-print is the latest version:

>jura% gimpprint-config --version

I know it can handle an Epson Stylus Photo 950:

>        escp2-950        EPSON Stylus Photo 950

(from man gimpprint-models)

However, if I load an image into gimp, right-click
and select file->print:

- the dialog box title is "Print v4.0.5 - 15 Jun 2001"

- the "new printer" button isn't present, though it 
  appears in the documentation

- the Stylus Photo 950 doesn't appear in the list

Am I somehow using a vestigial version of gimp-print
built into gimp and not the one from the port?????


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