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> this seems to imply you want me to create a file named
> <hostname>.mc.  The instructions I followed in the handbook also
> mentioned that, "Many administrators choose to use the output from
> hostname(1) as the .mc file for uniqueness."  Do I have to make this
> new file, paste into it all the stuff in "freebsd.mc" and then add
> these lines too?

It has been ages since I worked with Sendmail; however, I believe all
you have to do, after configuring the /etc/mail/*.mc files, is

        make all install restart

in the /etc/mail directory. Be sure to read the documentation in each of
the *.mc files. If you have not all ready done so, check out the
aliases file and modify as required. Be sure to run 'newaliases' when
finished. If I remember correctly, the new *.cf files will be in the
form of "hostname.cf".

You could always use Postfix. It is a lot easier.



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