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On Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 01:17:51AM -0500, E. J. Cerejo wrote:

I'm running FreeBSD 6 stable and I lost my boot menu after reinstalling xp
and tried to fix it by booting with instalation cd and run "fdisk -B -b
/boot/boot0 /dev/ad0" it restored it but when I boot I get the mountroot>
prompt, it fails to mount ad0s2a, b, c, d.  Is it possible to fix this or
do I have to reinstall freebsd?

It may be that you got the slices no longer marked as bootable.
Try using fdisk(8) or boot0cfg(8) to re-enable booting on those slices.


Do you run it from the instalation CD using fixit or run from the mountroot prompt on the computer. It seems to me I can't can any commands from this prompt.
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