Victor Subervi wrote:

>I'm thinking Java's
> probably my best bet, just because there are more Java programmers out there
> than any other language (I think). 

That's almost always the *worst* reason for choosing a language. On
similar basis, you might want to do it in PHP since "a lot of people use

It's exceedingly tough to use Java for high-performance applications,
especially if you're just starting out in it. It apparently can be done,
but only by experts ("average" quality code in Java is almost certain to
be slow).

>But what about C++ or C#? Your comments
> would be appreciated.

C# is similar in this way to Java, though my own experience says it's
faster than Java. C++ or C are, of course, faster than any of the
mentioned languages.

If it's not a serious project and you just want to learn a new language,
try "D" ( It's similar to C, C++ and Java
but has some very nice features that sometimes make it even Python-like.
 It's almost as fast as C

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