On Tue, 04 Feb 2003 at 14:40:52 -0600, Brian Henning wrote:
> Hello-
> i just got gpg configured for my bsd machine now i am ready to integrate it with
> mutt. is there a simple way to sign my emails like a script to make it easy to
> configure? i have seen a few example on the web and they look pretty
> complicated.
> Thanks,
> brian
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Im going to suggest you look at this archive: 

included in it is Kris Kennaway's mutt-gpg configuration, and if you
read over it, it has a place (pgp_sign_as=) where you set your key id,
otherwise it is pretty much automatic.

download it, and put it with your .muttrc, or .mutt/muttrc, and edit
muttrc, adding a line like: source ~/.mutt/gpgrc or whatever you call

if you need some more help let me know..


Andrew Stuart

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