On Monday 31 December 2007 01:53:15 pm Jim Stapleton wrote:
> Thanks. I feel stupid now (through my own stupidity and not the fault
> of anyone here but me).
> I should have looked at that before. I have always done a minimal
> install of FreeBSD (well, for 6.1 and 6.2, didn't use FreeBSD before
> that), and have not had any problems getting the man pages before. Is
> this new, or is my memory going/gone?
> -Jim

the man pages all magically appear after a buildworld and upgrade, so you 
probably just never noticed in the past.  i only do minimal installs too, and 
a while back, i remember i had the same issue.  i had some systems with man 
pages, and some systems without.  took me a bit to figure out that the ones 
that had them, were all updated, and the ones without, were all 'fresh' 
RELEASE installs.

Jonathan Horne
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