On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Kenzo wrote:

[big snip]

> He is more geared toward a linux box with redhat, but I would rather
> setup a computer with Freebsd that would do all the trick.

FreeBSD don't do any tricks at all, it's quite boring as a matter of
fact, because it works. No blue screens to spice up ones life. :-)

> what x-window manager should I use?  I know KDE uses alot of
> resources, but what about gnome?

If you should only run a web-browser I wouldn't go for either KDE or
Gnome. There are more light weight window managers that use less
resources than these two wm's. Mybe not as nice looking, but working.

> what should I use for web browser?

If the pages they surf are only internal, i.e. they can not surf to
pages which requires plugins, advanced HTML (not supported by all
browsers) and such, you should go for a light weight browser, i.e. not
mozilla. Some people on the list have mentioned Phoenix, saying it's a
non-bloated browser if my memory serves me correct.

Good luck!

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