On Tue, Jan 01, 2008 at 06:35:43PM -0500, Chad Kellerman wrote:
> Hey guys,
>      I installed Freebsd 7 on a Dell laptop I have.  When I configured the
> /usr partition I only gave it 10GB of space figuring that would be plenty.
> Well now, since I don't see a pre-compiled version of OpenOffice for  i386,
> looks like I have to compile it myself.  No big deal, except when I go to
> compile it I run out of disk space on /usr.
>     Is there a way I can tell make to create it's work directory someplace
> else?  I have more space in home, so if I make a /home/work, can I compile
> OpenOffice to use the /home/work directory instead of
> /usr/port/editors/openoffice.org-2?
>     I tried creating a link for the work directory but that appears to be
> over ridden.

Sure.  Just set the WRKDIRPREFIX make variable in /etc/make.conf to point to
the desired directory.
This (and much else) is documented in the ports(7) manpage.

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Erik Trulsson
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