I've been using the computer in my bedroom for watching movies more often lately, and getting out of bed to pause, rewind, and handle volume has gotten more and more annoying. I don't need anything very fancy, but I don't want to do something like use a wireless game controller. I'm not sure about using a wireless keyboard due to size and connectivity, since I imagine the keyboard would also have to be the primary keyboard which would make connectivity annoying with a console. I'd prefer something other than an IR solution due to line of sight issues. Considering how many people are using their computer for home entertainment, I'm surprised at the lack of options. Does anyone on the list know of a good remote that works well with FreeBSD? Or would it be more of an issue of a remote receiver? In any case, what would be the best option? I'm not interested in spending too much money(anything capable of running NetBSD is probably out of the question).

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