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Wire James wrote:

I installed a VPN connecting 3 sites together using IPSEC and Racoon on Free BSD. Each site
> has a FBSD gateway with a LAN. The sites are interconnected with Frame relay links. However
> occasionally these links go down, thereby cutting the connections and so the tunnels become
> inactive.
The problem am facing is that whenever the links come back up, racoon does not auto negotiate
> to reactivate the tunnels what could I be doing wron ? I always have to restart racoon manually.
Whats the way forward for me ? Or is it the normal behaviour of FBSD ?
I don't know if the behaviour is normal or not.

But there's a port somewhere that I used a few years ago to solve a similar problem.  I looked,
but I can't remember the name, and now I can't find it (I'm hoping someone will read this
message and know what I'm talking about, thus providing the answer).

Anyway, this port was a simple program that ran as a daemon and monitored network status, when
it saw an interface go down, or a host disappear (all configurable) it would run a script of
your choosing.  It would then run a different script when the host became available again.
We used it for a similar situation (wireless LAN would drop frequently) and it worked

Hope you can find it, or someone knows the port I'm talking about.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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