On Wednesday 02 January 2008, Valerio Daelli said:
> Hi
> I am about to send a patch about a port. I would like to move a
> file of the port, located in the
> 'files/' directory. Basically the file now is called netdisco.sh.in
> and I would like to call it
> netdisco.in.
> If I use a normal 'diff -ruN' command to generate the patch, after
> I apply the patch
> the new file is created but the old file (netdisco.sh.in) is still
> there, with zero size.
> I wonder if I should generate a shar archive for this port instead
> of a patch. Sorry if this question is so simple.
> Bye
> Valerio Daelli

That's normal. A unified diff is the preferred way. Whoever commits it 
will remove the file. You might make mention of the file in the 
comments just to be nice :-)


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