> I use, for my imap-based mail, a combination of postfix, dovecot,
> thunderbird, enigmail (for gnupg), and openssl for browser security.  When
> I delete mail messages, the majority of them delete (what seems to me to
> be) instantaneously, but a small minority of mails takes quite a bit
> longer, about maybe 20 seconds.  Any idea what might be occurring on those
> mails, to trigger this really long delete time?

Suggestion: Thunderbird does local compacation of the mailstor, and deletions 
that hit the threshold and trigger this may be slower than others.

(I have a vague sense thunderbird does this; I could be wrong. Assuming the 
server is using Maildir I don't see why this should happen on the serverside, 
nor have I had that experience even with large folders (large enough that no 
mail client can handle them properly)).

/ Peter Schuller

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