Kenzo wrote:
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Are the factory workers going to interact with their workstations at
all?  Or is the central operator going to do everything, and the workers
will just look at an image on the screen?
The workers will only need to look at the screen and not interact.
Very well. That means we can concentrate more on the operator's environment.

How often do the images change?

Is the operator going to compose the images (documents?) on that central machine: say by scanning paper documents, or doing CAD, or whatever?

How should the operator publish documents to individual workstations? Via a web-based application?

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Approximately how many stations and how far apart are they?
At this point I don't know how many stations will be required and how far
appart they are. they just want me to come up with something and have some
> demo to show the VPs and hopefully sell the idea.

OK. Set up a demo network of 3 machines; one as a server, and two clients (to show that more than one end-user workstation works).


PS: What happens if one of your VP's asks the same question I did? It's good to have an answer ready... :-)

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