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Quite some time ago I setup a machine with a couple of 250GB disks in
that were mirrored using geom, although I can't remember if I mounted it
as 1x 250GB partition or several smaller ones.  The machine they were in
died, and I kept hold of one of the two disks so I could restore the
data.  I'm now at that point and it occurs to me that I don't know for
sure how to remount it.

Before I plug it in and accidentally write over the partition table or
something, I just wanted to check with someone that what I'm thinking is
about right.  Having been going over the documentation again and from
what I remember the partition table should still be there (fdisk should
tell me this) and I should, in theory, be able to simply mount the
partition(s) as regular filesystem(s), is this correct?

Thanks in advance!

That's correct. Additionally, if you have the gmirror kernel module loaded it will recognize the mirror component(s) and you will be able to access it/them as (degraded) gmirror devices.


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