Hi folks,

yesterday morning my server at home broke down. It crashed but was
unable to reboot. I blamed either one of my DIMMs or the memory banks
on the mainboard. I removed one DIMM, powered up the machine and the
mainboard started to die a most smelly death.
I didn't needed long to come to conclusion that this would be the
right time to switch to amd64.
My old machine was an AthlonXP at 1500MHz running FreeBSD7.0RC1 with a
ZFS pool doing DNS, DHCP, NFS, serving websites with Apache, Mail. As
you can see there are quite some services/ports installed and

I searched the net for some information on migrating from i386 to
amd64. I'd like to build a new kernel for amd64, reboot. Do a
buildworld and installworld and a "portupgrade -afk --batch"
The articles I found weren't that optimistic but range from "there is
way, but you certainly don't want to do that" up to "reinstall,
everything else is not supported". But this was for older FreeBSD
versions such as 5.3 and I wonder if something changed with 6.x or

I have a new SATA based boot disk I could install too (as described
above, for example). This means that I still have the old P-ATA boot
device at hand.

Any suggestions, please?
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