Dear FreeBSD users,
We all know that installing any OS from DVD isos and/or CD isos takes time. 
Especially FreeBSD still doesn't provide even a DVD iso and it is hard to 
change CDs during the installation. Even if a DVD iso is provided it takes time 
to install. I was wondering if anyone of you ever managed to "write" somehow 
the isos on a USB hard-disk or USB-flash partition and perform the installation 
from there. Be careful, I am not saying to install FreeBSD on a USB drive, I am 
asking if it is possible to transfer somehow the isos on the USB hard-drive or 
USB-flash drive and then boot from it as if I was booting from the FreeBSD CD 
iso and perform the installation of FreeBSD on my hard disk. I hope that if 
this is achieved somehow, the installation will spead up significantly. 

So is it possible?


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