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> Seeing the thread about flash with mozilla, I thought, "a flash plugin
> with opera would be cool." Last night I tried to get flash working
> with opera. I failed. With native opera, I cannot get any plugins to
> work. Here is what I know:
> 1. What opera bitches about:
>    Could not start operapluginwrapper.
>    Plugins will not work correctly.
> 2. Why opera bitches:
>    ldd operapluginwrapper;
>    ...
>    libXThrStub.so.6 => not found (0x0)
>    ...
> 3. Why it is missing:
>    "On OpenBSD, and on old FreeBSD, libc lacks pthread stubs.
>    This is a problem because libX11 needs to support threading,
>    but shouldn't cause all X programs to be linked against the
>    threading library. The solution is libXThrStub (UIThrStubs.c),
>    which provides weak symbols to stub threading functions,
>    which are ignored if the application links against the thread
>    library. I had moved libXThrStub into libX11, because it
>    seemed unnecessary."
> 4. What I have installed:
>    linux-flashplugin-9.0r115 Adobe Flash Player NPAPI Plugin
>    opera-9.25.20071214 A blazingly fast, full-featured,
> standards-compliant browse
>    opera-linuxplugins-9.21.20070510_1 Linux plugin support for the
> native Opera browser
> Does anyone have flash working with opera? If so, how? Where can I get
> libXThrStub.so.6?

I vaguely remembered someting about this and a google search
turned up this old PR:


The instructions in the referenced pkg-message for /etc/libmap.conf
disappeared after opera was subsequently updated seemingly because it
was no longer needed but I'm not sure of that.

I'm not sure that this will help you but its an easy thing to try
and back out if it doesn't.

Caveat:  I'm not an opera user and I don't use flash. ;-)


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