Kenzo wrote:

I don't think that they will view CAD drawings.
Our webmaster will create an application that will make it easy for the
people posting the pictures to load them into the server.
I doubt that will work, but if it does, I'd love to hear about it.

The reason I don't think it will work is that engineering drawings on a
computer screen usually require a lot of zooming in/out to be useful, and
I don't know of any browsers that will give you that control.

Although, you may be able to install some sort of image viewer that would
do it.

Yes our plan is to only have one person per assembly line controlling the
computers so that they will all see the same thing.
I would like to think that if we give them all control over the computers,
they would only use it for work, but I find that people like to play around
and see what they can get away with.
True, but that's a _different_ problem.  If they're slacking, they'll slack
with other things than just the computer (although, experience shows that
productivity will drop off for the first week or so until the "novelty"
wears off).
Besides, if you do a plain-jane install, once they've figured out that there
isn't anything there to play with, they'll quit messing around.  (i.e. don't
install any games or anything)
My experience also shows that the power they have to find the information they
need without wandering around bugging bosses and foremen and engineers will
save more time than they lose to solitair.  We actually left all the games on
the shop computers at the place I set up.  It hasn't been enough of a problem
to worry about.  Actually, it probably saves time, because they spend their
breaks at their workstations playing solitair, instead of going to the break
room ;)
Wandering over to ask a foreman or an engineer is a _huge_ time waster in my
experience.  In fact, one of the design goals of the system I created was to
reduce the time that shop workers spend bothering engineers.  At least when
they're looking for it themselves, they're only wasting _their_ time, not the
engineer's time.  If you have a dedicated shop foreman, however, your situation
may be different.

This is starting to get off-topic.  I'll reply off-list in the future.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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