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> I'm setting this machine up as a local internet test server. I need
> to get Apache, MySQL and PHP installed, and I'm worried if there's a 
> preferred /required order to get it to work right / at all. FWIW -
> I've checked the handbook, apache.org, php.net, and mysql.com. I keep
> feel like I'm going round in circles.

First, make sure to run 'make config' in each port prior to installing
them. All three have extensive options that you may want to get
acquainted with.

IMHO, I would install MySQL first to insure you get the version you
wanted installed. Get MySQL up and running and then install Apache.
Apache has lots of options and knobs. Read the documentation thoroughly.
Finally, install PHP. Installing PHP last will insure that the proper
information is added to the Apache 'httpd.conf' file. Check the PHP
documentation. there are several other entries that you might well want
included in the 'httpd.conf' file.



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