--- Boris Samorodov <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hm, all this is just plain generic...
> ...but none should be compiled at installworld
> stage:
My buildworld.log shows following programs are already
compliled in this order without any error:

and make installworld also try to compile

> Did you by any chance change time while source
> updating or
> world building?
This is highly probable. I can remember after the year
change my system time was strangely wrong. I corrected
it, but cannot remember was it during while source 
updating or world building.

> This may be an overkill but should do the job:
> # rm -r /usr/src /usr/obj
> <restore sources>
> # cd /usr/src
> # make buildworld
> # make kernel
> # mergemaster -p
> # make installworld
> # mergemaster -i

Sure, I'll delete /usr/src, /usr/obj and download
again the sources and give it a retry.


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