Robert Huff wrote:

        What you need is www/youtube-dl.  Deposits the content in a
form that can be played by mplayer (and presuably others).

That seems like an extra step... People that want to be more efficient with their time -- even when watching youtube :) -- don't want to mess around with extra steps. I guess if people have time to care about the fact that they don't want to use a corporate produced plugin but still want to watch content created for that corporate plugin, then they have time to mess with that youtube plugin.

Frankly, I -- and the majority of Internet users -- just need to be able to access Flash content -- youtube and other sites -- to get work done quickly and efficiently. The less time I spend on the 'puter, the better. Speaking of, time to go bake some apple tarts, I'm outta here. :)

Happy New Year,

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