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I just recently converted to FreeBSD and convinced my highly religious (Gentoo) friend over as well. However, the ride has not been as smooth as I would have liked. To make this story short, here is my late Christmas wish-list regarding the lack-of documentation on the installation of packages on FreeBSD. Ah yeah, and in the process, I am hoping to get help, pointers, or some type of recognition for converting to the wonderful world of BSD! Please note, part of the wish list comes with a bit of a Gentoo Linux bias having make.conf, package.use, package.keywords, along with the USE="" flags so readily available.


1.) Documentation about customization optimization-flags/configure options (including which system files/location/make.conf may need to be edited???? when building packages from ports (we did discover portconf, but is this it?)

2.) We are also big into VoIP and just realized that FreeBSD 7.0 will not build asterisk-addons on our home/production servers. So after losing a ton of sleep we are now having to revert back to FreeBSD 6.2. In short, can anyone fill us in to which FreeBSD distribution is "known" to work splendid with the asterisk family?

Thank you for your time,
FreeBSD rocks!
David A.

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