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>  > > If you don't have cvsup installed, run this command: # pkg_add -r
>  > > cvsup-without-gui
>  >
>  > It is better to use all ports or all packages so either do:
> Why do you say that?  Do you know of unresolved issues regarding the
> interactions of port versus package installations?  Any references?

I am not currently aware of any conflicts but the fact that they have
historical been more frequent then inter-port or inter-package
conflicts leads to the conculsion... unlike either of the above they
are harder to troubleshoot
>  > cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui
>  > make install clean
>  >
>  > or after doing the above do a pkg_delete -a (assuming that your
>  > working with a clean machine [no ports/packages instaleld except cvsup]
> Why wouldn't pkg_delete -a remove your just-installed cvsup-without-gui?

Sorry for not being clear I meant before the reinstall (besides make
install would fail if you hadn't done a pkg_delete -a)
>  > > For more info on the supfile, look at this file on your FreeBSD
>  > > machine: /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile
>  > >
>  > > Preferring cvsup to portsnap is kinda like preferring vim over
>  > > emacs...  It's a holy war and the vi/cvsup side uses less disk
>  > > space.
>  >
>  > Actually it is not like that at all.. cvsup/csup is the officially
>  > preferred method and any other method is a short cut of some kind...
> Please provide a reference URL to 'official' support of this claim?

This is a case of actions by the developer community speaks louder
then words:

1. Csup is in the base system thus obvious preferred to either cvsup
or portsnap
2. C(v)sup is more universal
3. The only way to maintain an official local repo is via cvsup
>  > many of them have very subtle issues that the typical end-user should
>  > not notice but should be aware of...
> Issues such as?  And what other alternatives to c*sup and portsnap exist
> for ports tree management?

I can think of several off the top my head:

1. Ftp ports.tar.gz and unpack
2. Maintain a local repo like I do
3. Use portupgrade in conjunction with the above

I was specifically refeering to the 3rd option when I said there where
subtle issues.   Speicfically the way "make install" (recursive) and
"portupgrade -a" calculate the build order can lead to some issues
(like compiling the default OPTIONS before asking the user to select
> ooroo, Ian

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