On Mon, Jan 07, 2008 at 12:34:50AM +0100, Walter Jansen wrote:
> Thanks for your effort Fank, but unfortunately the Handbook shows that your
> answer does not reflect the actual use of tags for fetching ports with
> cvsup. Your answer triggers me to look for other places where information
> can be found in order to reduce the confusion, and that is what I am
> grateful for.

Walter, show me in the handbook where my answer doesn't reflect the
reality of using tags for fetching ports. Thanks.

Read this (I know it's old):



    NOTE: Don't worry about releases/version when cvsup'ing your
    ports.  There is only one version of the Ports collection.  All
    versions of FreeBSD use the same ports collection.  Therefore,
    when updating your ports use this tag:


You can use that tag for your src supfile too but you will get 8.0
which you don't want to do unless you are a developer.

> Have a good day!
> Walter

You too.



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