Joseph Eaton wrote:
More precisely.  I do select the elements I want ("All" and then "Exit" and then "Install from CD-ROM" and then some files flash 
before my eyes and then I come to a screen that says: "User Confirmation Requested" and below that "Unable to transfer the base distribution 
from adc0" and on the next line "Do you want to try to retrieve it again?" and then at the bottom "Yes" or "No" and I can 
never retrieve it successfully or exit successfully.  Thanks again for your help.

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Subject: help with installation of 6.2 release i386 on older HP desktop

Thanks in advance for your help.  I am a newbie trying to install FreeBSD for 
the first time.  I have an HP desktop computer with 64MB of SDRAM, a 12 GB hard 
drive and a Pentium II processor running at 333 MHz.  I am trying to put 
FreeBSD 6.2 on this machine but have not had any luck.  I've read the 
documentation, but stil can't seem to figure out what to do.

I downloaded the ISO mage for the "bootonly" disk and checked that it using 
checksum.md5, then burned a disk image using InfrRecorder to a fresh CD-R.  I set the 
bios on my HP to boot from the CDROM drive and put the disk in.  It walks me through the 
installation process but never gives me a chance
 to exit.  I select the Standard installation but get stuck shortly thereafter 
when I try to tell it to use the option to set up for a single user using the 
X-Window system.  It won't let me select multiple elements like bin and 
library.  I get stuck and then it never completes and won't let me out of the 
setup screen series.

Please let me know if I am not providing enough information above.  I welcome 
any help.  Thanks.
Please have a look at the handbook:

esp. section 2.13.1

The ISO you downloaded cannot be used for offline (CD-ROM based) installation. It is intended to pull install files from the Internet. Download at least the first full cd. Download all the CDs if you plan to install packages from the disks. Bear in mind 6.2-RELEASE is now a years old, and the packages in the CD are quite aged. There are other methods of getting updated programs once the base system is installed. However as a newbie getting a first feel of the system this is not terribly important. Please make sure you read the excellent handbook.

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