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Jeffrey Lehman pisze:
Hello everyone, this is my first post to the list as I am a new FreeBSD user as 
last week. I've installed 7.0RC1 amd64 architecture on my poweredge 2950.
I'm having issues with apache22 and php5.  Here is the process I went through to
install both.

1. Installed www/apache22 using 'make install clean' with default config 
2. Installed lang/php5 using 'make install clean' with default config options 
apache support.

Apache seems to be working fine w/o php5 but after I install php5, apache will 
dump on restart.

PHP5 also seg faults when executing /usr/local/bin/php
# /usr/local/bin/php
Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)
Try editing /usr/local/etc/php/extenstions.ini and comment some extensions testing which one is at fault. Usually, it helps to change the order in which they appear to fix this issue. Been there, done that.


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