On Jan 7, 2008, at 11:01 PM, Konrad Heuer wrote:
You really don't want to export a filesystem which itself is being mounted remotely. If you want to provide SMB filesharing for these files, run Samba on the OS X machine(s) directly.

Knowing all the drawbacks including reduced bandwith, there are some important organizational reasons, thus I want to do so. Moreover, Samba ist just one application on the NFS clients, although an important one.

While I certainly wish you the best of luck, previous experience suggests that the drawbacks to this approach include not functioning properly.

NFS is a stateless protocol, except insofar as rpc.lockd in theory provides lockf/flock style locking over the network-- yet Samba/CIFS wants to allow extensive use of client side opportunistic locking, which means that Samba really, really wants to run off of a local filesystem.


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