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>> I'm shortly going to update my laptop from 7.0-BETA2 (a fresh
>> install) to 7.0-RC1. I'll do this with a buildworld/installworld
>> cycle. However, reading the site for freebsd-update I noticed that if
>> I were to do a binary upgrade then it recommends rebuilding all ports
>> as well.
>> Is rebuilding all ports something I should consider if I'm doing a
>> source-based upgrade too? Even though I'm not crossing a major
>> version boundary?
>Once 7.0 is released, then there is a promise of binary compatibility
>for any software compiled under some 7.x version to work certainly with
>any later 7.x version, and possibly with any earlier 7.x version as
>However, 7.0-RELEASE isn't actually out there yet, and the Release
>Engineers may well be making last minute incompatible changes.  If
>freebsd-update recommends wholesale updating of ports, then there's
>a good reason for that.  I will state though that I've been tracking
>7.x since fairly shortly after the RELENG_7 branch was created and apart
>from the big 6 -> 7 update I've not seen any compatibility problems with
>ported software.
>       Cheers,
>       Matthew
>[*] I can't remember if the backwards compatibility with the major
>version is guaranteed or not.  Forward certainly is.  Also there's
>the new symbol versioning thing within shlibs that changes the way
>this sort of thing works.
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Thanks for the info Matthew.

Peter Harrison.

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