I upgraded memory in a 5.4-RELEASE server from 1GB (2x512MB) to 4GB
(4x1GB). I'm wondering if that can even be causing my problem since
nothing went wrong for an entire week. One week later, the server just
stops responding in the middle of the night, I can see the login prompt,
but cannot type anything, no response to keyboard at all. Since the
initial crash one week after the memory upgrade, it continues to do this
every couple of days.

The crash has happened during the 3-4am time span every time except at
9pm once and then this morning at 9am. So, it seems it may be related to
something building up over time. After reset and disk cleanup, I have
examined the logs and cannot find anything in the message log, one entry
shows my last login activity and the next entry is the start of boot
info from the reset. The only thing I find in the logs erroneous is an
NFS connection not responding, then alive again, but I unmounted and
disabled the entry in fstab before it happened this morning.

I'm just trying to figure out how to approach tracking down my crashing
issue. Whether it somehow is related to the memory upgrade. The only
thing to note about the memory upgrade is on boot, it will say that it
is ignoring a small amount of memory over 4GB. Can someone suggest how
to approach my problem?


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