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Hi all:

There are scattered reports in late 2006 / early 2007 of success using
the PE 860 w/ the SAS RAID, but not w/o the RAID (normally paired with a

Would anyone be willing to share some dmesg(8) output?  W/ or w/o the
RAID PERC SAS5iR mfi(4)?  RELENG_6 or RELENG_7?  Post your dmesg(8) to
dmesgd at NYCBUG?

Here's an 850 w/o RAID:

I'm curious how far the 860 is from the 850?

Presumably they replaced with bge(4) with bce(4) (They offer both add on
"BC NetXtreme II 5708 1-Port" as well as "NetXtreme 5721") and also
replaced ICH7 with ICH8 or ICH9, but I'd like to check with other
satisfied customers.

An OpenBSD dmesg(8) suggests "Intel 82801GB IDE"
...But that's in a model with a SAS5iR installed where the optical disk
is attache.

The IDE controller may be different with no RAID.

The lower-end 850 w/ the Core2 or genuine P4 non-Xeon is essentially
desktop-class hardware, so I don't imagine anything too exotic.


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