mailing list said:
> Hmmm, I'm confused
>> If you want to have your aliases attached to the tl0
>> interface, you need to use addresses in that range.  So,
>> something like:
>> ifconfig_tl0_alias3="inet XXX.82.15.210 netmask 0xffffffff"
> That's what I have, and I'm getting those funny arplookup error
> messages.
Nope, in your original message, you had the other subnet attached to the
tl0 interface.  Also, you had a subnet attached to the de0
interface if I recall correctly.

> I have two DSL lines, one provides the 82.15.209+ and the other the
> 167.176.x, but both have the same subnet. I'm thinking
> that this may have something to do with the messages?

Send another snippet of your rc.conf file as it relates to these
interfaces.  I seem to recall that your aliases and interface on the de0
side were in different subnets to start.  Plus, all of your aliases were
using IP's from the de0 subnet (with the wrong mask, mind you) but were
attached to the tl0 interface.


Michael K. Smith
Senior Network and Systems Engineer - NoaNet
206.219.7116  NOC: 866.662.6380

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