Bob Falanga wrote:
I would like to configure a HP laserjet 1018 USB on freebsd. So far I have
had no luck. During the boot cycle I can see the Laserjet 1018 listed as a
peripheral (ulpt0 HP LaserJet 1018 address 3 rev 9.00/1.00 iclass 7/1 using
bi directional niods). when I go to settings in the pop-down menu then to
printers, change to administrator, freebsd doesn't show any printers
connected to the computer.


thank you,

I happen to have a Laserjet 1015 that works perfectly. I believe they are quite similar. I suggest you use CUPS to operate this. A quick guide specific to FreeBSD can be found in DesktopBSD's site here:

Install all the ports mentioned (you may have some already installed and others will be pulled as dependencies) and then follow the rest of the instructions for setting device permissions and so on. You will have the printer running in no time.

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