I am using Freebsd as a mail server since a long time as an ISP.
I have been configuring all my server using comand line and was very happy with that…

But some of my clients are asking for a good visual interface that will allow them to manage their mail accounts themself.
Of course I am using an up to date FreeBSD server.

My mail server is configured using these tools :

- postfix
- amavisd-new
- spamassassin
- dcc-dccifd
- p0f

If possible I would like to have a 100% compatible tool (with a port on the FreeBSD ports) that will allow each of my clients to:

- configure e-mail settings for it's own domain.
- configure filtering for it's domain.
- have a super admin that I will be using to create accounts and do high level admin…
- Ideally should be compatibel with PHP5 & MySQL 5

- Product should be robust and steady.

The same should be true to administer FTP… ideally using ProFTPD … but I am more flexible on that issue.

Thanks for your answers.

Sincerly yours;

Gregober ---> PGP ID --> 0x1BA3C2FD
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